Letter to Mr. Gibson

April 25, 2012

Dear Mr.Gibson,

I am writing you to express my concerns regarding the implementation of having a ongoing Social Media and Organizational Communications course. Throughout this semester, I have learned how imperative it is to have Social Media knowledge and social media writing skills as part of my business repertoire. Just like the Internet has changed our relationships and the way we conduct business, social media as a whole continues that trend. As business people, if we wish to set ourselves apart, we have to be willing to be early adopters of the change that’s occurring. I took this class as an Entrepreneurship Major to develop my social media and organizational communication skills. I did not know what to expect from this class, especially being someone who grew up with the Internet at my hands. This class has completely helped to shape me to be a better business leader. Social media itself is one of the best networking and engagement tools out there, and by taking this class it made me aware of the opportunities out there.One of the biggest things I have gained this semester with the knowledge of this class, and the use of social media is creating a brand for myself and my company. This class taught me to utilize the advantages of social media to communicate to people interested in what my business and I had to offer. Prior to this course, I only had a small fan base. Since the semester has reached an end, my audience includes people all across America. I can’t say there is one social media tool that works for everyone, but I can say this course helped me find the one that worked for me. We would be doing a disservice to ourselves and our community by not offering this course on a regular basis.

Sincerely yours,

Tilmon Keaton


Final Reflection

Throughout this course, my main goal was to utilize social media to develop my professional network. The resources that social media and this course provided me help me achieve that goal without a question. Between doing videos, which is what my professional forte consists of, my best resource was social media. The marketing possibilities provided to me through social media really helped me to reach an audience beyond my previous expectations. The irony in doing these blogs was that the videos my company produced, appeared on several other blogs, which was pretty cool. I have definitely grown as a professional as well. One of the people I initially followed for this course, utilizes social media in his business. The way I was able to reach him came through Twitter. By actually engaging in conversation with him, I found how he used blogs to dish out vital information for business students and entrepreneurs. Through reading his blogs, doing research of my own, and through other resources provided to me through this course and social media as a whole, I have to say that I have made a huge professional footprint. It is imperative, to have a broad knowledge of social media to remain competitive in today’s business environment. I think this class has provided me with a decent foundation to do so.

The Value of Our Time

It’s so easy to let life pass you by. As humans we get caught up in so much, and we often forget how easily time can be wasted. Our time is one of the most valuable things we have. Many things can be replaced, but time is not one of them. We could utilize our time to create other things, but we can’t utilize other things to create time. Every moment of every day is a valuable asset contributed to how you spend your time in this life. Don’t take time for granted. In doing so you take like for granted, and you only get one of those.

YouTube Slideshare

YouTube and its usage in the business world is constantly increasing. Many people don’t know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, behind its now owner Google. During my research about YouTube, I found some pretty interesting facts I wanted to share.

Here is my Slideshare presentation about YouTube.

LinkedIn Bio

My LinkedIn Bio reads: I am currently serving as an intern for Trinity Hope as Marketing Director. I am a Senior Entrepreneurship Major at Middle Tennessee State University, and co-founder of Imperial Lighthouse Productions. My goals are to continue to build connections to progress as a business owner, and network with other professionals to build important business relationships.

For people new to LinkedIn I would suggest navigating the site, and finding out ways it can benefit them. Also, I would say to look for friends already using the site. By starting this way, you immediately build connections and a network. After all thats what social “networking” is all about right?

Online Sports Social Media Manager Internship

I logged onto mashable.com and noticed they had a dream positon open for student interns. The internship was for a social media management intern who can work from home. Through the Internet, we have gained a lot when it comes to the functionality of our jobs. We can pretty much do anything from home. Also, with social media being the way it is for today’s youth, what better opportunity than this. A great deal of our youth spend hours on the Internet and social media. Why not get paid for it? This is an opportunity that many companies will soon be offering as full time jobs. Obviously the people with the most experience in Social Media are for the majority, still in school. Companies are doing their best to take advantage of this. With more job openings coming in this area, we will see what happens soon. Right now, I’m about to go apply! Catch you later.

Social Media Summer Reads

This summer I’m looking forward to growing my business. Part of growing my business will include social media and communication. Therefore this summer I plan on taking some time to read. Three books I am interested in reading this summer are:

Social media ROI

Measure What Matters

The Executive’s Guide to Enterprise Social Media Strategy

These books look to cover concepts important to social media strategy and small business. Hopefully as I invest money and time in these books I receive a great return on my investment.

One Day Training (Group) ORCO Assignment


One of the assignments for my social media class was to create a one day training for my professional colleagues to attend. My group came up with the idea below. 

In order to do this one day training, we would ask our bosses to allow everyone to have the day off on Friday and instead have a conference held in downtown Nashville to teach how to use social media professionally. Below is how we would organize the training:

Session 1 – Overview of social media (What it is and Why it’s important) from 9-11am
Break for lunch
Session 2 – Twitter/ Facebook (How to use it professionally) 1-2pm 
Session 3 – Linked In/ YouTube (How to use it professionally) 2:25-3:15pm
Session 4 – Professional Do’s and Don’t in Social Media 3:30-4:30

We would promote this conference through e-vites to our colleagues, we would put a poster up in the break-room, and make an event page on Facebook. 

Hopefully through this one day training our colleagues will learn the importance of social media and how to use it professionally. 


Gained Knowledge

Since my blogging has began, one of the things I have learned is to pay attention to the world around me. Also, I have noticed that engagement can take you far as a person on social media. Since beginning this semester, my follower based has grown dramatically. I attribute that growth to the content I put out. All aspects of social media that I utilize attract people to my page. Whether using sources such as Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, I have broadened my horizions. By watching professional tweeps like @BizWizKevin I have been able to grow my follower base. @BizWizKevin is constantly tweeting out links as well as engaging with his followers. I have spoken with him on a few occassions through twitter. When people follow you, that’s exactly what they want. As an influencer you have to be aware that people are following you for a reason, you are a brand. By watching how these professional tweeps work I have seen exactly how to work my network and it continues to expand.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Gary Vaynerchuk is one of the most interesting men in social media. He is number 4 on the Forbes 50 most influential people in social media. Gary started out selling wine, and since then has grown to a wine selling  social media guru. He often posts videos pertaining to social media and what he considers to be the next big thing. Vaynerchuk currently has a huge follower base, and he very well understands social media. Recently, one of his very bold predictions for 2012 came true. Facebook bought Instagram! Vaynerchuk has become well known for his social media knowledge and his straight forward personality. However, he knows his social media. That is why today he is known as the video king and has nearly one million followers on twitter. People definitely trust his opinion and his understanding of social media places him where he will be a resource like no other.